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Focus on YOU

Focuses on you

HealthScore is all about you. Discover how this unique lifestyle 'coach in your pocket' can help you achieve your personal health goals.
Tailored support for YOU

Connects your devices

Sync to a range of health and activity monitors like Runkeeper, MS Band and Fitbit to make tracking on HealthScore easy.
Keeps YOU motivated

Keeps you motivated

Discover how the score in HealthScore can encourage you to stick with it to reach your goals and live life 'at 
your best'.

Live an Active Life

From steps to swimming, walking to weight training, HealthScore will help you discover the power of living an active life.
Live an active life

Eat Healthily

HealthScore gets to know your eating habits and guides you to make healthier choices.
Eat healthy

Manage Stress

Stress can get in the way of living life at its best. HealthScore helps you identify and manage it.
Manage stress

Improve Sleep

Track your sleep patterns with HealthScore and learn how to improve them.
Improve sleep

What is HealthScore?

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